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The ATOM comes in many layouts

General Specifications of the ATOM:

  1. 6.00m X 3.30m overall area (approx. 20 sq.m) 
  2. 2.85m clear interior height 
  3. Built-in foundation slab
  4. Reinforced concrete structure 
  5. Thermal and water insulation 
  6. EPS concrete interior partitions 
  7. Double glazed windows and glass doors 
  8. PVC interior doors (multiple color options available) 
  9. Dulux Emulsion interior paint  
  10. Exterior weather-resistant paint finish 
  11. European origin bathroom fixtures (Wall mounted toilet seat & bidet, wash basin & water mixer, shower mixer & hand shower)
  12. European porcelain floor tiles 
  13. European porcelain bathroom wall and floor tiles 
  14. MK electrical sockets and switches 
  15. PPR hot and cold water system 
  16. PVC plumbing network 
  17. Electrical system including PVC conduits, cables, and DB’s 
  18. Hot water electrical geyser 80 L 

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