Seven Steps Toward Home Ownership

Konn homes is a one-stop-shop that takes care of all the required processes associated with designing and building your future home through two main strategies: productization and digitization. We create products tailored specifically for customer, environmental and climate needs. Our products are envisioned, designed, prototyped, tested, optimized until a satisfactory result is achieved, that delivers the promised value to the customer, at a certain and fixed price and time. The customer gets to choose from a variety of pre-designed pre-produced options, and can be certain to get what they paid for, with guarantees.


1. Pick the Plot of Land

Konn Homes advisory services include finding the perfect land plot for you that fits your needs, and taking care of the process of assessing and evaluating the land in a very short time framework.

2. Choose and Customize the House

Konn Homes provides an online tool called “configurator” on its website for you, to configure, customize and design your future home.

3. Issuance Of Licenses

Konn Homes takes care of all the legal paper work for you associated with multiple entities.

4. Site Preparation

Konn employs offsite and industrialized construction making home building faster, more affordable and more sustainable.

5. Assembly and Installation

Konn home’s core components are manufactured offsite in controlled environments and then transported to the project location where they are assembled in a lean, standardized method.


6. Maintenance

Konn’s maintenance services continue after the first year, and for the lifetime of the home. Konn’s highly trained team of experts guarantees a life-long ongoing performance.

7. Turnkey Delivery

From design, production, and manufacturing to assembly, and after-sale services, Konn provides a comprehensive turnkey solution where customers and developers can gain the maximum value and secure returns in the shortest time possible.

How We Impact You

Our products reduce respiratory morbidity, reduce dampness induced asthma, and provide energy efficiency through the use of solar photovoltaic cells

Konn is a one-stop-shop solution that integrates multiple processes in one platform. We understand that customers face difficulty in building sustainable homes. Therefore, we’ve created our company to solve all issues associated with traditional buildings, dealing with contractors and paying extra costs. All you have to do is get on our configurator, choose your home, choose your options and add-ons, and get your price on the spot. *Submit* your contact details here to get our free consultation.