Building Systems

Building Systems


Konn Homes are made of modular, offsite, insulated precast concrete components that are assembled on site in no time


Offsite and modular construction refers to a process where building parts are designed in modules, manufactured in a controlled factory environment, and then moved and assembled onsite to form whole buildings. Unlike traditional construction where most components are made on-site, offsite attempts to minimize work onsite and maximize work that can be done in transportable components.


Konn is a tech-enabled system that consists of pre-designed housing schemes, based on the specific needs and typology requirements of MENA region.

These schemes are designed for manufacturing and assembly (DfMA), through digital tools and platforms, and then translated into modular components that are sourced from local suppliers and manufacturers and delivered to the site for assembly by local certified assemblers.

DfMA and offsite construction offers numerable benefits including improved quality, faster design and construction time, reduced costs, increased efficiency and productivity, lowers construction waste and pollution, and enables mass production and standardization. It also increases digitization which allows for data collection and iterative improvement.

We are one of the earliest companies in MENA to develop a customized solution for the region according to the social, environmental and

leconomic needs of its societies and residents through DfMA and offsite construction. This is possible only through smart digital modeling and simulation which is performed at multiple evels. From conceptual visualization, to building information modeling (BIM), multi-dimensional construction and manufacturing planning, and environmental and energy simulations. This allows for complete accuracy and predictability and eliminating uncertainty and risk.

We aim at revolutionizing home construction through technology and lead the way into the future of smart, sustainable, conscious living. By connecting the physical home building to the cyber realm of data, we complete the value chain for home owners to ensure good living.

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