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Your second home, away from the city. Make memories with family and friends. Enjoy the summer. Escape from the everyday.

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A Weekend

Escape from the city, and your everyday routine
take your pick from our land bank, that offers a wide selection of land plots, curated to your lifestyle, family and personal preferences, without the traffic jams and unneccesary hassle of the central city

Add-ons to
Suit Your

Gather family and friends over the weekends in your one of a kind home
A BBQ area, a gathering area outside and on the roof, a pool for the summer, and a fireplace for the winter. Our vacation homes are tailored specifically for everyone to enjoy their time over the weekends.

Home Sizes

Pick the product that suits you
Konn Vacation Homes: single floor homes consisting of living space and kitchen, 2-3 bedrooms, and 1-3 bathrooms. Available in 70, 94, and 125 square meters.


A hassle free one-stop-shop solution toward
home ownership
Use our configurator to design your home with a few easy steps, select your land and explore our offered add ons. sit with our team of experts, and once you make your order, your home will be ready in 8 weeks.